We started with a simple question....Why Wait?

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Good question to ask isn't it?

We offer a unique next day paint service for vacated rooms in aged care homes, rehab centres, medical centres and hospitals. We can also take care of any paint project within the health sector, large or small.

Now, we make it look easy but don’t be fooled. An enormous amount of care and attention to detail goes into everything we do, but it’s all worth it. It’s worth it because we thrive on the buzz of knowing our customers receive the best possible value in painting services.

Some people seem happy to wait and put up with slow paint services. No joke, we sometimes hear stories that make us shake our heads and wonder why anyone would keep accepting painters who don’t understand the true needs and pace of the health sector.

Perhaps it’s because health sector demands have skyrocketed recently and with that needs have changed. Jobs that previously could be put on the back burner now have a big impact on business, so there’s a strong need for efficient, quality paint services and that’s what we deliver.

It would be very easy for us to make all these promises of professionalism and prompt service delivery but let’s face it, words can be cheap sometimes. So we’ve backed up our next day service with a promise. If you sign up to our Next Day service, and we don’t deliver on our promise, you’ll only pay half.

Sound fair to you?

Contact us today to discuss your specific paint requirements or for further details.