Responsive Paint Services For Hospitals

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Better Painting Services for Hospitals

Hospitals have a high patient turnover so you can’t afford unnecessary delays when it comes to room maintenance. Painters that take forever to arrive can significantly affect your care flow!

Want to improve the response times of your painting service? With Rapid Paint Solutions we aim to increase the productivity of your hospital and we even have a Next Day paint service guarantee to ensure you never or your patients never have to wait.

With us you get the result you want, when you need it.

Here’s a few more reason why people choose us….


Specialist Health Sector Painting Service

Too many painting companies try and cover all industries and this poses a risk to hospitals. We understand that we work in people’s private spaces, not on building sites. The needs are VERY different.


The Right Prep

If you’re forking out money for a painting service you want the result to not only look good but to last as long as possible. We know the best way to prepare walls and surfaces, and the best technique for painting them, so you get a quality finish that endures.


We Clean Up After Ourselves

 We not only clean up properly after the job is done, so you don’t have to, we also make less mess to begin with. We understand the importance of keeping maintenance contained in hospitals so as to cause the least disruption to patients and staff.


Induction and Safety Management

 Just putting contractors through an induction and hoping for the best is not enough. You need to know they are really trained to work in the required environment. We have each of our employees independently trained for the benefit of all patients and ensure our painters are trained to industry standard.


A Focus On Environment and Recycling

 From 4 star green rated cars, to recycling of disposable items such as paint cans, we are conscious of our environment and actively find ways to reduce our footprint.

If you’ve  scrolled this far we hope you get in touch for a chat! Contact us today to discuss the requirements for your hospital.